SNS Entertainment Signed MOU With Wei Korea to Enter the Chinese Entertainment Market

SNS entertainment will work with Wei Korea to help companies and entertainers enter the Chinese market.
It is reported that SNS entertainment signed a business cooperation agreement with Korea Wei on Aug 8th. Wei Korea is a professional advertising company in China.

These two parties aim to help companies and entertainers enter the Chinese market through strategic cooperation, so they can make full use of the rich information and human resources in show business of SNS entertainment.

SNS entertainment is an IT based start-up company, their goal is to become a global broadcasting-performing agency. The company started by a person using the network to create business, and now is helping broadcasters and artists to carry out various types of domestic and international activities.


Wei Korea helps brands enter China through Houlisu which is the most influential data based marketing platform. Wei Korea as a partner of Sina Weibo in South Korea official, had related cooperation experience with excellent foreign companies, many international brands and well-known enterprises. It has offices in Seoul, South Korea, China Beijing, Shanghai and other places.

When mentioned the context of business cooperation agreement, representative of SNS entertainment Zhao Qianbai (transliteration) said, “Cooperating with Wei Korea is not only conducive to the two companies, but also provide better services and opportunities for enterprises and individuals in many ways, this is the reason of the cooperation “.

Representative of Wei Korea Pu Huihe (transliteration) said, The market size of Chinese influencers is about 100 billion Yuan (about 1 trillion 700 billion Korean won), recently, influencers relationship marketing gets a lot of attention in China,” and “Using influencers (e.g. Internet celebrity) has become more and more important in Chinese marketing, SNS entertain has great many global influencers, cooperation with SNS helps enterprises with more effective social marketing.

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