IoT Biz Factory,the Start-up Company Supporting Project of IoT is in Second Recruitment

Gyeonggi create economic innovation center and South Korea lab of Gyeonggi Information now is recruiting start-up companies for the second phase of the recruitment of IoT free accelerating project IoT Biz Factory, recruitment deadline to August 24th. The project is sponsored by the hardware accelerate device professional company Actner lab, this is the second time in this year, mainly for supporting the construction of IoT start-up company’s global batch production network and making preproduction.

The selected teams in May of this year consist of 10 teams including △SMAP △SCHAFFENGOTT △GOQUAL △JE Lab △IDL △ENCUBE △SyncSpace△Onenth Design Institute△GS shop △BICQ etc.. Since June this year, based on the business model and demonstration model made under technical assistant, they will participate in overseas production network project of mid August. We plan to visit Shenzhen, China for one week interview.

The object of this project is new company found less than 5 years, the second undertaking company, and the start-up company which completed development  and test of preproduction or pre-commercial products. Through a written review of the first round, 20 companies will be selected at most, and then the professional instructors and review committee will make a deep evaluation in review base. The evaluation will last two days. In the end 10 companies will be selected.

To make the final selected 10 companies become qualified IOT start-up companies, we will provide help in the following aspects: the BM test and specific, guide the production of preproduction, (circuit design – Design – illustration design tools, etc), help making display production model, construct global on-site consultation and batch production network, and the establishment of the incubate space etc. Besides, after the project ends, while examination, excellent start-up companies need to go through the incubator selection of Gyeonggi innovation center K-Champ Lab. The company selected as incubator will connect with projects of Gyeonggi innovation center, and get continuous follow-up assistance in investment in outdoor demo day, VC chain, global advertising / marketing.

Project application: Download the application materials in Gyeonggi information South Korea lab page, and register by mail ( before August 24 (Wednesday).

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