O2O E-commerce Share@ Bring Samsung Venture Investments and SBA Follow-up Investment

O2O e-commerce Share@ said on the 9th that the NUVENT operating O2O e-commerce platform Share@ NUVENT get ventures investment from Samsung and follow-up investment from SBA (Seoul Industry Promotion Center), the small and medium-sized enterprise support agencies (amount undisclosed) .

NUVENT had obtained investment from Daum youth entrepreneurship fund operating company – East Gate PARTNERS. LLC on 23 June 2015.

With Share@ you only need register card one time, and you can get discounts every day for one year, and pay with phone, be provided real-time billing information in store, find the really worthy places as well as the best-selling menu etc.

Last year after release, the number of franchise shops reached 1,600 within one year, led by large chain brand, started from the Gangnam, Hongdae area, continued to Itaewon, The Mall, Seoul National University and other hot areas.

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Recently it received the relevant licensing of collection of billing information, analysis and provide real-time methods, has been selected to be continuously invested project of 2016 SME technical information kocca.

Related officer of SBA business headquarters investment center said, “The reason of investment is the positive response from local e-commerce market and future high possibility of growth”, ” before we has been paying close attention to the outstanding enterprise’s strength, the blueprint and rich experience, the development in the future are also very exciting.”

Representative of NUVENT Jin Tianzhi (transliteration) said, “Because of the number of franchise’s continues to increase, we plan to discuss about expansion in capital circle area and different industry in second half year”, “Base on NUVENT’s financial science and core technology, we are going to build a store-customer-platform sustainable production model”.

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