Genie Works Gets 2 Billion Korean Won Investment from Samsung and NAU IB Capital

Genie Works is mainly engaged in advertising / e-commerce and automotive O2O field related business. It is reported that it obtains Samsung venture investment and NAU IB Capital investment for 2 billion Korean won.

Genie Works provides game based AD / E – commerce services “buy chance ” and provides intelligent agent parking, agent driving, car wash and other integrated services – “Parking On”.


Genie Works Website Homepage

Representative of Genie works Leon (transliteration) said. “We will take the opportunity of investment, to optimize advertising / e-commerce platform, strengthen project cooperation with large enterprises and other cooperative enterprises, strengthen car O2O service coverage and improve quality, committed to provide customers with better service.”

NAU IB capital investment minister said, “the reason we decided to invest in Genie works is because in the area of car O2O project, it is leading the market to the new concept of parking agent service. We look forward to it’s continuously development “.

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