The Intelligent Tape “Bagel” Successfully Obtained 1.5 Billion Korean Won Financing from Kick Starter

The intelligent tape “bagel” of Bagel-labs successfully obtained financing about $135 million (Korean won about 1.5 billion won) on American crowd-funding platform Kick Starter.

The amount of money Bagel-labs actually raised is 4500 percentage higher than the original target amount.

The crowd funding starts from June 29th to August 3rd, which lasts 35 days. There’re total 10766 patrons (Backer).


Bagel-labs’ Intelligent Tape Bagel”

“Bagel” is an intelligent tape that can easily measure various shapes of objects and body size. It’s convenient to be managed and recorded.

Beyond the existing reading tape, Bagel makes full use of the intelligent tape data, build an online business platform based on length.

Representative of Bagel-labs Pu Xiuhong (transliteration) said, “We didn’t know ordinary consumers have so much demand for length measuring innovation”, “We will develop and produce more products which bring changes and innovation.


Bagel-labs Team

Besides, Bagel-labs in July obtained award of excellence in The First Korean Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Science and Technology Competition, also won the championship in Innovation Award of IoT & Product Display.

Meanwhile, in (Creative Korea roadshow K-Start up La demo day 2016) “, born2 global center in Los Angeles (LA) organized by the foreign outdoor show,” 2016 creative Korea roadshow Korea venture Los Angeles demonstration, Bagel-abls won the ‘ignite XL Awards Awards’ among 19 enterprises.

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