Neocomix signed an MOU with USKN to advance into AI virtual influencer market in North America

KOR Ver.

Neocomix (CEO Kwon Taek-Jun), a virtual influencer production company, signed an MOU with USKN (CEO Kyung Jae-sun), a Korean American broadcaster specializing in US news production. This is to advance into AI virtual influencer market in North America.

Based on this agreement, Neocomix CEO Kwon Taek-joon and USKN CEO Kyung Jae-sun will have virtual humans featured in news and advertisements; this is to strengthen global marketing. To achieve these goals, Neocomix plans to carry out a wide range of projects such as the production of virtual news announcers, the supply of virtual models to create advertisements in the US, and establishing the virtual influencer contents business by cooperating with local celebrities in the US.

Neocomix claims to produce ‘the fastest and most natural virtual influencer producer’ and has been working with leading global companies to create various virtual humans using NEOENTDX, an integrated solution to create differentiated virtual humans with unmatched AI technology. Recently, the ‘virtual office worker Lia’ was revealed on Instagram and has been attracting attention from people.

USKN, established in 2017, is a Korean-American broadcaster in partnership with CNN and Arirang Network, specializing in news production in the United States with more than 200,000 viewers in 26 million households across the United States. In addition to news production, it is a multimedia group that also works as a consulting, advertising, and event agency across the continent. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, with branch offices in Dallas and New York, the company broadcasts US news every day during the week in Korean and Chinese ​​to terrestrial, over-the-air, and cable channels.

CEO Kwon said, “Neocomix is offering natural and beautiful virtual humans so that it is difficult to distinguish from real people. This was possible thanks to a production method that is differentiated from other companies that produce 3D virtual faces just like Neocomix. As a result, inquiries from companies to supply virtual humans are pouring in every day. The technology has been developed to a level that enables live broadcasting of AI virtual humans. It will help us expand our business and we plan to do proceed.” he said, with pride

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