Newz received the Ministry of Science and ICT Award for ‘Clean Content’

KR ver.

In the 2021 Clean Content Campaign Contest hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Radio Promotion Association granted the grand prize and the Ministry of Science and ICT Award to Newz Co., Ltd.

The theme of the Clean Contents campaign was ‘Introducing my own efforts and commitment to keep a healthy one-person media content environment free of fake news, false reports, and exaggerative advertisement’. It was a contest that any creator with a single media channel could participate.

Newz has been active as the first tech and trend creator on TikTok, a global short-form mobile video platform, since October 2019. In January 2021, the short-form education MCN ‘Majors Network’ (hereinafter referred to as Majors) was launched, nurturing about 150 experts as creators and providing high-quality content to viewers.

In the entry video submitted for this contest, Newz’s CEO Ga-hyun Kim said, ‘I will make sure that the fake facts that exist for the sake of the number of views among various attention-grabbing contents such as fake news and false information are not spread in the modern era of excessive content where the number of views becomes the standard.’

The creator Kito unnie (Hyun-soo Kim), who appeared together in the entry, said, “I will deliver real health information, not false facts and irrational diet information. I will not hide the truth in order to attract attention.” Kito unnie is an education creator working with Majors who delivers healthy diet information.

In particular, Newz drew attention by producing a TikTok video that encourages user participation. On one side of the screen, a scene of pouring clean water is placed, and on the other side, a video of pouring colorful and stimulating colors of water is placed together. After that, viewers were encouraged to vote.
The purpose was to send a message about what kind of content users want between ‘transparent but sincere content’ and ‘glamorous and eye-catching and stimulating content’.

Regarding winning the grand prize, CEO Ga-Hyun Kim said, “In the content ecosystem where views and likes are the standards, we are working hard to make the ‘message’ of content the standard through Newz and Majors. This award is even more meaningful to us because we applied for the contest with a mission to educate and deliver quality content to future generations.”

The Clean Content Contest was evaluated according to the public interest and completeness of the video, as well as the degree of campaign spread based on the number of video views, sharing, and comments.

The grand prize (1 team) among the outstanding participants will be awarded the Minister of Science and ICT Award and a cash prize of 5 million KRW. The award ceremony will be held on the 26th at the One-person Media Competition.

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