Hashtag-based photo management app “Taggle” attracts 100billian KRW investment

The startup “Taggle” announced on the 11th that they successfully attracted KRW 1,000,000,000 in investment from Magellan Technology Investment and UTC Investment.

Taggle is a gallery app designed to solve the difficulties involved with organizing and searching photos. It categorizes photos by using plural # tags, which differs from the conventional folder (album).

Taggle adopted a technique of categorizing UIs and photos that reduces the number of screen touches. Currently, an international patent is applied for specific photo management technology.

Choi, Hyeon Jae, the CEO of Taggle said, “We will put our best efforts to be a successful global startup by enhancing the sophistication, marketing, and management of our service to advance to the global service level”.

Prior to this, Taggle has attracted initial investment from Silicon Valley-based Venture capital, “SOSVentures” well known as an initial investor for Netflix and HAX accelerator management company; this is a first for domestic startups.

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