Slate Media Co., Ltd finally selected for ‘TIPS’

KOR Ver.

Slate Media Co., Ltd. (CEO Kang Yoon-seok), which operates the video contest platform service ‘VideoCon’, was finally selected for ‘TIPS’, a technology start-up support program operated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups after Venture Square recommended the company.

Videocon is a video contest platform that connects clients who need video and video creators in the form of a contest. All clients who need to produce video needs to pay production cost or production agency cost for each video. Yet, using this budget, if the client holds a contest on Videocon, clients can receive more than 10 videos to choose from on average. The client’s satisfaction with the contest method is assessed to be very high because they can simply select the most attractive video from the submitted multiple works compared to the traditional method, which may even incur additional costs after the video is completed due to additional requests.

TIPS is a private investment-led technology startup support program supervised by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The purpose is to provide promising startups with an opportunity to lead the global market. A startup with excellent items and technology is recommended by private investors. After that, when the company is recognized that it qualifies, the government grants support for R&D expenses of up to KRW 500 million over the following two years.

Videocon, which was selected as one of the final winners for this Tips program, plans to research and develop a technology that can automatically separate and extract video content using AI. By increasing the use of video stock, which has been difficult to utilize compared to design stock, the company is expected to newly develop a video stock market and expand services to increase the target market size.

CEO Kang Yun-seok of Videocon said, “We expect that being selected for the TIPS program will help improve Videocon’s service further. We will do our best so that the stakeholders in the video trading market can continue to coexist in the system through Videocon’s service.”

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