Swasher wins ‘Asia Design Prize’ at International Design Awards

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Gonggong Co., Ltd. announced that the water vortex air purifier ‘Swasher’ was selected as the winner at the Asia Design Prize 2022.

‘Asia Design Prize’ is an international design award established in 2017. This is a design award recognized worldwide for its credibility in which a jury of 34 people from 8 countries selects the winners. The jury members include the chairman Karim Rashid, who is known as one of the world’s top three industrial designers, Andrea Ruggiero (professor) of Parsons Design School, Andy Rowe (professor) of RISD, a renowned design school, Thomas Johansson (design director) from Electrolux, and Yoshimaru Takahashi (professor) of Osaka University of Art.

This year, 1,830 works from 29 countries were submitted. Competitions were held in three categories: space/architecture, industrial design, and communication.

Swasher was selected as one of the top 10% of all submissions. It provides two types of innovation at once: ‘sensibility and technological innovation’. Swasher is a next-generation air purifier that can solve environmental and energy problems at the same time based on patented technology by dramatically reducing energy consumption and improving air purification performance.

Unlike other air purifiers, the transparent interior design provides a higher level of trust, and the mood function that utilizes the design allows users to enjoy the comfort of air purification as well as the rainbow-colored vortex.

Swasher had participated in CES 2022 and won the Innovation Award. By using a water vortex instead of the HEPA filter of common air purifiers to maximize the contact area between air and water per unit time, Swasher boasts reduced noise, low power usage, and removal of harmful gases. Both eco-friendliness and innovativeness were recognized as Swasher can stop the vicious cycle of resource consumption, waste generation, and environmental pollution caused by the use of single-use filters.

The power consumption is as low as 9Wh per hour; in case the product is operated 24 hours a day, the monthly electricity bill is only 450 won, a third of that of a general air purifier. Swasher is currently available on websites such as Naver Smart Store, Lotte ON, and O House. On the 22nd of this month, a new black & white version will be unveiled through Wadiz, the largest funding site in Korea.

Seon-Eon Lee, CEO of Gonggong Co., Ltd. said, “It is a great honor to win a world-class design award at the ‘Asia Design Prize’. We will become a leader in the field of sustainable indoor air quality management by presenting new air management solutions that do not cause environmental pollution.”

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