AID Korea’s Farms Plan will be served to Dairy Farms in India

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Livestock tech startup Animal Industry Data Korea (AID Korea hereinafter) announced that its digital livestock healthcare solution ‘the Farms Plan’ will officially enter the Indian market. AID Korea reported on the 10th that it signed an official contract to supply the Farms Plan to the dairy farms of SKGSS, a local livestock company in India.

With the approval of the Rajasthan state government, SKGSS is raising more than 2,500 dairy cows on a farm in Hanumangarh City while taking on a role that supervises the dairy cow management of the region. SKGSS plans to reduce the use of antibiotics and maintain the quality of milk at a premium level by systematically managing dairy cows’ health through the introduction of the Farms Plan.

Farms Plan, developed by AID Korea, is a digital livestock healthcare solution based on artificial intelligence and biotech. It increases farm productivity through individual livestock health management using data.

AID Korea will be providing ‘Farms Plan Live’ and ‘Farms Plan Care’. ‘Farms Plan Live’ is a solution that monitors livestock in real-time with CCTV on SKGSS farms to detect disease early through behavioral pattern analysis. ‘Farms Plan Care’ checks the status of the immune system against major diseases through periodic blood tests, and the veterinarian in charge provides a customized management program. In addition, AID Korea plans to build a biogas plant service that uses the methane gas generated during the processing of livestock manure to create new renewable energy.

Sunil Misra, director of AID Korea India, who led the introduction of Farms Plan to SKGSS Farm, said, “The fact that individual livestock health management can enhance dairy cow’s immunity and produce high-quality milk really appealed to us. The biogas plant that can save energy use in the farm also was interesting.”

As the world’s largest producer and consumer of milk, India has great potential for the livestock health care industry. The state of Rajasthan, where SKGSS Farm is located, is a place where it is easy to hire employees who have experience in the livestock industry and exchanges between the local experts and officials are active. AID Korea plans to expand the service to neighboring Punjab and Gujarat states by establishing SKGSS Farm as a hub for the local livestock industry to experience the effectiveness of the Farms Plan.

In the long term, the plan is to establish a veterinary college in Rajasthan that offers livestock health management education and conducts research based on Farms Plan to establish a digital livestock health care ecosystem centered on AID Korea.

Park Chan, director of AID Korea Overseas Business Development Team, said, “If the effectiveness of our Farms Plan is proven through this contract, the speed of service expansion in the Indian market will be accelerated. Our primary goal is to secure data on 500,000 dairy cows overseas by the end of this year.”

He added, “We are preparing to expand our business not only in India but also in other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, as well as the United States. We are also discussing the usage of livestock health care data with IT companies in France, Canada, and Australia. 2022 will be a year in which AID Korea’s performance in overseas expansion becomes tangible.”


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