Wholetem-We Meet Place, signed MOU

KR ver.


Wholetem (CEO Hong Seok-joong) that operates Armor Mattress and We Meet Place (CEO Kang Gwi-sun), announced on the 8th that they signed an agreement to increase the speed and customer satisfaction of the mobile mattress laundry and drying service.

Wholetem’s Armor Mattress inserts the mattress into a trailer equipped with a mobile sterilization drying system. The device installed in a trailer sterilizes and dries not only the front surface but also the inside of the mattress using hot air and ultraviolet rays.

We Meet Place is equipped with the technology called Direction API that calculates the minimum required time between two points as well as the Intersection of Multiple Isochrones API that runs on the intersection visualization technology based on the overlapping isolines of multiple points. Wholetem’s CEO Hong Seok-joong expects that these technologies will help optimize routes, which will enable the automation of determining the order of visits to the reserved place and reduce the time spent for travel.

In the future, Wholetem plans to expand location-based services so customers can check when the service vehicle will arrive in real-time.

Both companies have decided to establish a system for the mutual exchange of data and technology necessary to realize the above-mentioned services. In addition, the two companies are planning to use the shared and collected data in various ways by precisely analyzing and processing the data, such as service improvement and sophistication.



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