Ad Intelligence Co., Ltd. selected as 2022 Kakao Style Premier Agency (KPA)

KR ver.

Ad Intelligence, an AD Tech company that develops Korea’s only MI (Marketing Intelligence) solution and provides online advertising service, announced that it was selected as ‘2022 Kakao Style Premier Agency’.

Kakao Style is a company that provides the style commerce platform ‘zigzag’ and ‘fashion by Kakao’ services. ZigZag is the largest style commerce platform in Korea, featuring more than 6,500 shopping malls and brands, and introducing more than 10,000 new products a day.

It recommends personalized products using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and provides a mobile-optimized user experience such as listing favorite shopping mall favorites, shopping mall ranking and offering integrated payment systems. By securing a large number of loyal customers whose ages range from teens to those in their 30s, it became the first women’s fashion platform to exceed KRW 1 trillion in annual transaction volume in 2021. ‘Fashion by Kakao’ is a curation service that showcases fashion products through KakaoTalk, mobile web, and apps (Android/IOS).

Add Intelligence has been recognized for its expertise in Kakao Style advertising operations by being selected as the ‘2021 Zigzag Premier Agency’ and ‘2022 Kakao Style Official Agency’.

Only 10 companies, including Ad Intelligence, were selected for the 2022 Kakao Style Premier Agency, which was chosen for the first time after the AD operation and business integration of Zig Zag and Fashion by Kakao. During the screening process, Add Intelligence received good evaluations thanks to the current goal achievement status, operational capability, and collaboration potential, and was proudly listed in the 2022 Kakao Style Premier Agency list.

By being selected as the Kakao Style Premier Agency in 2022, Add Intelligence is officially certified that it is a strategic collaboration partner for the growth of advertisers for Kakao Style during 2022 and announced that it will carry out various collaboration programs. Ad Intelligence is expected to lead the growth of advertisers and increase the satisfaction of advertising services through a collaborative program with Kakao Style in the future.

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