COMEUP 2020, “COVID-19 and Fresh New Ideas” by Sophie Kim, CEO of Kurly


On the 19th, “COMEUP 2020,” a global startup event thoroughly scheduled online and untact from the planning stage was launched. Sophie Kim from Kurly (hereinafter referred to as Kim), who served as the chairperson of the COMEUP Private Organizing Committee, stepped up as an opening keynote speaker. Kim began the lecture on the topic of “COVID-19 and Fresh New Ideas.”

Sophie Kim explained that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused rapid changes in society as a whole. She cited economic recession, industrial reorganization, changes in employment patterns and conditions, and the development of untact industries as examples.

She emphasized that, even though the sudden changes caused by COVID-19 is seen as a crisis, it could also serve as an opportunity. As Kim compared the rankings of global innovators in 2018 with that 30 years ago, she said, “It’s interesting to see the changes in the market cap rankings of global companies over the past 30 years. Innovative companies that emerged during many historical crises are now on the global list.” She described, “Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet by Google are prime examples.”

After explaining the shift in the types of industry, Kim began introducing domestic startups that have been overcoming the crisis with new ideas. She talked about “Corona Map” that shows the path of confirmed patients, “Seegene” that developed a quick and easy COVID-19 diagnostic kit, “Noom” and “MEDIHERE” for untact healthcare, “Enuma,” an online education app, “Interactive Platform” by Classting, “Smart Store Unmanned Shop” by LOUNGE’LAB, and “Dawn Delivery” by Kurly while citing the spirit of startups as their commonality.

Kim described that the “spirit of a startup is to define and solve social problems and contribute to society.” She added that the companies that show such startup spirit are becoming the economic drivers through new ideas and that, in the next 30 years, they are highly likely to be ranked in the global market cap.

Finally, she explained that startups that are currently making progress will continue to do so in the post-COVID era. While predicting the role of the innovative startups, she said, “They will go beyond simply overcoming the difficulties of COVID-19, and they will lead trends in various fields of digital health, education, and content in the future.”

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