Imperfect, preparing an era of 5G and AR smart glasses


The best part of AR technology is its power to enhance the human decision-making process by providing intuitive visual tools. In this Corona 19 pandemic era, the demand for AR solutions has been increasing significantly. imPERFECT aims to be the company that connects users with space through AR solutions while utilizing AR glass.

During the interview, the CEO of imPERFECT Park Kyung Kyu said, “imPERFECT is a company that develops AR solutions to connect space and people more closely.” According to Park, the company has now applying AR solutions to tourism, shopping, safety, and advertising sectors.

Park then added, “AR solution is now everywhere, as the solution development became easier than several years ago. Customers nowadays have higher expectations for AR technology, and to satisfy users, we need to merge diverse technologies with our AR knowledge. For example, we can add technology from other sectors, such as sensor, vision, AI, and payment method.

In this end, imPERFECT has been collaborating with several institutions and companies to elevate its AR technology. The company is now participating in several projects in the tourism, safety, and shopping industry such as  ▲SK Telecom 5G MEC-based AR solution development, ▲ Korea Railroad Corporation’s API linkage priority selection, ▲ Korea Tourism Organization’s AR solution consortium for smart tourism cities through the selection of growth tourism venture companies, ▲Fire facility inspection system development with Holerense 2 ▲ Location-based mobile AR inspection system for powerplant inspection and management, etc.


Park mentioned that “we are focusing on enhancing human decision-making ability by using intuitive visual AR tool.  We hope our service would ease the burden of companies for developing AR solutions. Well, the GPS takes us to the front of our house, but the Visual Posting System (VPS) utilizing AR technology and vision technology can take us to the front of our mobile phone in the house. As more the AR technology is linked closely to our real world, the greater value it conveys. Our goal is to be the next space information based AR Solution Company, specialized in AR glass usage”.

imPERFET currently operates a smart tourism platform called the “Waganda,” which utilizes location-based augmented reality (AR) and map technology. Waganda recommends places for travelers, ranging from restaurants to travel destinations. Moreover, it provides non-face-to-face payment service and walking navigation service as well.

<AR, Map 장소추천 부터 결제까지 한번에>


Currently, imPERFECT is also preparing various collaborations with the Seoul Tourism Foundation.

“We are preparing a service that can provide information of areas with less travel infrastructure,” said Park. Then, he added, “now we are working with the Seoul Tourism Foundation on Seoullo 7017 Traveler Terminal project to contribute on revitalizing the business district of Seoul’s tourist zone, which has stagnated during the Corona 19 breakdown”.

CEO Park Kyung-kyu, a former Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor software developer is now ready to show the new AR technology to the world.

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