Location based service ‘Wemeet place’ launches globally in over 200 countries

WEMEET PLACE, LTD (CEO : Kang, Gwisun), operator of location-based meetup service ‘wemeet place’ (https://www.wemeetplace.com), popular with the MZ generation in South Korea, announced it has made the service available in English in over 200 countries worldwide. This July update confirms a commitment from the company to become ‘global-first’ and follows in the footsteps of other local Korean tech startups preparing to make their debut on the world stage.

“We believe in wemeet’s future as a global meetup platform that brings people together and this update is one step closer toward fulfilling that goal,” said Kang, CEO of WEMEET PLACE, adding that “all our future developments are aligned with global markets to ensure we have the largest possible reach.”

Alongside this July launch, WEMEET PLACE also announced it was recently welcomed into ‘Seoul Fintech Lab’, a fintech accelerator funded by Seoul Metropolitan Government and based in the heart of the Seoul financial district, where the company has already begun development on its transition into an ‘open meetup’ platform providing content recommendations and easy payment solutions to its users, beginning this August.

Finally, “in a post-Covid world where more than ever people are in search of community and interaction, wemeet place aims to be the platform that helps you discover likeminded people and groups,” remarked Kang

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