Blue Communication Co., Ltd. Selected as the national representative 1000 companies in the knowledge service sector

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Blue Communication (CEO Hee-yong Jeong), a company specializing in SW and AI education, announced that it was selected as one of the “National Representative 1000 Innovative Companies” that will lead Korea’s innovative growth.

The National Representative 1000 of Innovative Companies was selected by the Financial Services Commission and 10 related ministries to select 1,000 national representative companies that will lead the innovative growth of the future economy. It is an innovative company support project designed to drive corporate growth through financial support such as investment, loans, and guarantees with a budget of 40 trillion won for three years.

Blue Communication is an educational company specializing in SW/AI that develops and provides all educational tools, software, and educational services necessary for people of various ages, from elementary school students to the general public, to easily understand and learn SW coding and AI, and to create their own results. to be.

In addition, it is a company selected for SW Mirae Chaum, the largest SW education support project in Korea hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency, and various local governments. It is the only company in Korea that oversees education projects in two regions, Incheon and Ulsan, and is also striving to create and develop the SW education ecosystem in those areas.

In 2021, the company participated in the Robot Creative Education (Creativity Sharing) project hosted by the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency. Since then, Blue Communication has been providing robot-based SW and AI education to students at local children’s centers across the country with Awesomebot, an educational robot that is made in-house.

Blue Communication CEO Hee-yong Jeong said, “There are many things that need to be done when running a company, but due to financial and surrounding environmental problems, we often give up innovation in pursuit of stability rather than growth. Through this selection of 1000 national representatives of innovative companies, we expect that it will be a great help in developing higher quality teaching aids and educational services to meet the purpose of the business and opening the door to the global market that was closed due to COVID-19.”

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