Job matching platform Worksbe, selected as Samsung Electronics’ ‘C Lab Outside’ member

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Worksbe Co., Ltd. (CEO Hyun-ho Kim), a gig economy platform startup based on OBC(Optimum Block Combination), was finally selected for ‘C-Lab Outside’ in a 37:1 competition. ‘C-Lab Outside’ is a Samsung Electronics’ excelling startup nurturing program.

‘C Lab’ is a program that Samsung Electronics is operating to contribute to the vitalization of the domestic startup ecosystem by establishing a virtuous cycle that leads to ‘discovery-implementation-commercialization’ of creative ideas. In particular, ‘C-Lab Outside’, which marks its 4th term this year, is trying to spread Samsung Electronics’ know-how to foster in-house ventures to start-ups with proven excellence.

Worksbe now qualifies to move into separate office space within Samsung Electronics’ Seoul R&D campus for one year under the ‘C Lab Outside’ program. In addition, various benefits such as ▲ up to KRW 100 million in business subsidy from Samsung Electronics ▲ data-based marketing (growth hacking), in-depth customer research, IR consulting, etc. customized programs for each growth stage ▲ cooperation opportunities with Samsung Electronics and pioneering domestic and overseas markets ▲ participation in domestic and overseas IT exhibitions will be available.

Worksbe was selected as ‘C-Lab Outside’ because of the ▲innovativeness and convenience of the company’s OBC technology, which solves the asymmetry of information in the existing job market centered on paper advertisements, ▲the recently emerging social issue, unemployment, and difficulty in recruitment. The company received high evaluations as the solution it offered would able the labor and job search difficulties to be solved.

Worksbe, a startup established in February 2019, has completed the development of OBC, a unique customized optimization matching technology, and registration of original patents for it. And since last September, it has been servicing ‘The Beolja’, a one-click customized optimal job/talent matching platform. ‘The Beolja’ can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The company’s ‘The Beolja’ is different from existing platforms where users have to find jobs or talents that are right for them one by one among a lot of job list information. On the contrary, on ‘The Beolja,’ job seekers can easily find a job where they can earn ‘the desired income’ by doing ‘the desired job’ at the ‘desired time.’

From the point of view of a recruiting company, talent with the ‘desired competency’ to take on the ‘desired job’ in the ‘desired time frame’ can be provided with customized matches along with optimal work scheduling with just one click. In particular, it is equipped with OBC technology that matches the optimal combination that can match the conditions 100% when there are no talents or jobs that fully meet each individual’s recruitment and job search conditions. Industry experts say that this is particularly effective for the MZ generation and N-job workers who want to earn as much as they want at the desired time, and the self-employed who are concerned about labor cost efficiency or want to hire people mainly during peak hours.

The Beolja’, which is currently being serviced in Bundang area in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, has confirmed its business feasibility ▲ by exceeding 150 recruiting company members within two months of its launch, ▲ 70% of new members actually using customized matching, and ▲ achieving 30% of recruitment support. The company plans to expand the service to Seoul within the year.

In September, Worksbe received seed investment from venture capital Winvest Venture Investment and early start-up investment company Venturesquare. With the CEO, who has been running an HR specialized company for more than 10 years, Worksbe was evaluated as a team with both technical skills and execution power in various areas. Members’ experience includes business modeling for many years, domestic and overseas partnership business development, and market business model technology such as co-founding, developing, and operating a number of services with MAU(Monthly Active Users) of 2.5 million or more.

Hyun-ho Kim, CEO of Worksbe, said, “Through the one-year C-Lab Outside training program, we are planning to further enhance the convenience of matching technology and services. We will expand the user base so that we can match high-quality jobs and talents that are suitable for each of our job seekers. Based on such recruitment system, we hope that each person would earn the income he or she wants while respecting his or her own time and lifestyle.”

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