Hospital search app Ddocdoc lands additional 9 billion won investment


B-Bros, the developer of hospital search app Ddocdoc, has successfully secured an additional Series B investment of 9 billion won (USD $7.61 million).

Ddodoc is an O2O (online to offline) platform that not only lets users search for hospitals and doctors, but also offers healthcare advice. The company initially received Series B funding from Bitcomputer, Ubcare and Lab Genomics in 2016. B-Bros says that the most recent investment will be used to improve services and expand its business.

Ddocdoc currently has a database of over 64,000 hospitals and doctors, as well as 2,300 articles on health and beauty that have been verified by experts. While there are many other apps on the market which let you search for medical facilities, most of them are restricted to only basic information, and users need to make appointments separately.

In December, the company launched a beta version of its new real-time reservation system which links up with the EMR (electronic medical record) system of clinics. The new feature lets users book appointments directly from the app – taking away the annoyance of having to fill in forms and wait around.

B-Bros plans to expand the system nationwide and make hospital and clinic visits more convenient for its 2 million users. The company says that it will work with leading EMR partners to have its reservation system in place at a quarter of all hospitals within the first half of this year.

“To actively expand into the healthcare market, we will continue to maintain strong relationships with investors who are key players in the industry, in addition to developing more innovative services,” said a spokesperson for the company.