Medipresso signs MOU deal with Mediage to build personalized healthcare solution


Medipresso (CEO Kim Ha-seop), a capsule tea brand that had received ‘pre-series A ‘investment from Venture Square, announced that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mediage (CEO Kim Kang-hyung), a company specializing in healthcare data analysis on the 27th of June.

The specialty capsule tea brand Medipresso ( aims to publicize herbal tea raw materials,that were difficult for consumers to access. The company provides herbal materials via capsule machine technology, with the help of herbal medicine experts, tea sommeliers making it easier for busy modern people to enjoy healthy tea culture. Medipresso has a total of 57 tea capsule types and can be used with the Nespresso capsule coffee machine.

Mediage ( is a healthcare data analysis company that provides customized health data information, by analyzing health big data and health analysis engine platform. The health indicator of Mediage, developed by a professional research team based on clinical big data, is currently being serviced to 400 examinations domestically and internationally, with its credibility proved by international SCI medical papers and patented data.

Through this collaboration, Medipresso is planning to expand its service from the existing service to the personal herbal tea solution using Mediage’s health indicators and enter the healthcare market in the future.

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-Seop, CEO of Medipresso, said, “Not only marketing, but Medipresso and Mediage will also develop an IT solution that recommends customized tea option by analyzing consumers’ biological ages.”