42Maru introduces language AI technology at AWS TechShift


42Maru (CEO D.K. Donghwan Kim), QA (Question Answering) Artificial Intelligence Startup), introduced their “Language Agnostic Artificial Intelligence Platform“ in “AWS TechShift” held at El Tower, Seoul, on Oct. 17th.

As part of the event, clients and partners of AWS from around the globe gathered to announce new opportunities in cloud computing, in addition to developments madee by exciting startups such as 42Maru.

At its core, 42Maru’s technology is a “Deep Semantic QA Platform” that accurately understands the user’s intention of question and derives a single correct answer from massive amounts of unstructured data, offered in a Software as a Service model.

In his presentation, Kim introduced the system architecture of the deep semantic QA platform, the AWS services used, and commercial applications. From the suite of services that AWS includes 42Maru uses the ‘Amazon SageMaker‘ that helps easily build and manage machine learning (ML) models‚ ‘Amazon Comprehend‘ for natural language processing, “ Amazon Transcribe ” for automatic speech recognition (ASR) service and ‘Amazon Polly‘ for text conversion service.

A key differentiator for 42Maru‘s Deep Semantic QA platform is that it is “language agnostic“ and “domain agnostic“, giving clients flexibility across multiple geographies in many different business applications. Not only is it possible to provide multilingual support that does not depend on a specific language, but its capabilities span across a diverse range of industries including finance, communications, automobiles.

Kim said “Our recent partnership with a large automotive manufacturer in Singapore means applying the Deep Semantic QA platform to a new industry, as well as to Singapore English, which has different language characteristics than American English,” and “42Maru is preparing for expansion into European markets, bringing its technology to life for new and exciting customer experiences.”

[Photo Source] D.K. Donghwan Kim, CEO of 42Maru, from “AWS Tech Shift” in Seoul on the theme of “Development of language agnostic intelligence platform using AWS AI / ML service” Announced.