Flitto launches QR Place, a translation tool for creating multilingual menus


On March 15th, the integrated translation platform Flitto announced the launch of QR Place translation, which can produce multilingual menus within 30 minutes.

With QR Place translation, anyone can create multilingual menus in 23 languages, ​​including English, Chinese, and Japanese, just by using their smartphones. Using Flitto’s collective intellectual translator pool, costs have been reduced, and changing menus is also convenient because menus can be continuously updated on the Flitto App.

To use QR Place, restaurants need to set their restaurant information through the QR Place translation request in the Flitto App, take a menu or other text images that need to be translated, and send a translation request to the worldwide collective intelligence translator pool.

When the translation is completed, a QR code is generated. Users can output the generated QR code and place it in a desired location for foreign customers. If restaurants want to later change the menu, all they need is to reconnect to QR Place and easily modify it.

Since the beginning of this year, Flitto has been conducting beta testing with QR Place translation services installed in more than 500 locations, including major restaurants frequented by tourists in Seoul. During the beta period, feedback collected from restaurants was reflected in QR Place to enhance the convenience of small business owners.

CEO Lee of Flitto said, “QR-based translation services have been set up by many organizations, such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government or Siksin (a Korean restaurant recommendation service), as they have acknowledged the need for QR-based translation in the global and information era. In order to show the usefulness of simple and affordable QR-based translation, we will continue to cooperate with various companies and organizations, including restaurants, art museums, shopping malls, and tourist attractions.”