Coloso is “where you can learn hairstyle, fashion, web content, etc. from industry legends.”


Fastcampus announced on Feb. 11 that it will launch the platform for career content, Coloso.

Coloso is a training platform designed to provide educational opportunity and correct information  to those who work in the fields with asymmetric information present including fashion design, web content, and beauty to name a few.

Especially, Coloso mainly targets the industries with high entry barriers into their fields driven by biased information despite high levels of public attention such as the beauty industry including make-up, fashion, and hair beauty as well as the content industry including video production, web novel and webtoon.

“We have unveiled a practical and organized platform for career content following long preparation to eliminate the gap between the existing training system and what the young people usually do on their job as well as a psychological distance from industry masters and role models,” said the company.

Kim Dong-hyuk, the head of the new business team at Fastcampus, who led the Coloso Project, said, “There is no essential and hopeful message about dream in the market for career content as of today and I felt sorry that unreliable and fragmented information is everywhere. “Coloso will become a reliable platform whereby many young people can watch and learn experiences of a sense of accomplishment as well as immersive process to become No. 1 in their own field,” he added.

Coloso will continue to offer documentary and educational content by working with industry leaders and masters in a wide range of  areas such as cooking, fashion, and entertainment.

For more information on the Coloso programs and the video of Designer L about hairstyles for men currently released, please visit the Coloso homepage.