Ko San’s ATeam Ventures signs MOU to help grow 3D printing industry


Last week 3D printer producer and online 3D printing service ATeam Ventures signed an MOU with Seoul Occupational Training College (STC) for a 3D printing program connecting students with those working in the industry. The two organizations will work together to develop the growth of the 3D printing sector.

Aside from creating a program linking academic programs to the industry, the partnership will also include new training programs and facilities for 3D printing, as well as ATeam Venture’s online 3D printing service named Shapeengine.

ATeam Ventures

CEO of ATeam Ventures Ko San (left) with Seoul Occupational Training College Vice Dean Pyo Hak-sik

The startup will help construction, game and design students from STC prepare their graduation exhibitions through the platform. Shapeengine lets you print off 3D content from popular and commercial type printers, and have them delivered by courier. STC will also receive a D3 printer from ATeam Ventures for its new 3D printing facility which is expected to open by the end of August.

“I think that by directly creating and realizing ideas through 3D printing, STC students will gain valuable experience before starting their career,” says Ko San, CEO of ATeam Ventures. “Through this partnership, we will be able to help contribute greatly to upcoming talent for the 4IR.”