BabelTop, conducting a free Sample Translation


The professional translation platform BabelTop announced on the 15 regarding a free sample promotion.

A platform for connecting companies and translators based on cloud quality management tools, BabelTop provides translation services by translation/interpretation graduate school, overseas college graduates, overseas Korean residents, bilingual doctors, lawyers, designers who have passed rigorous verification procedures. 

Promotions for the new year in 2019 include receiving free sample translations of up to 500 characters, regardless of business field or content. Up to 50 companies can join on first-come-first-served basis with applications done through the BabelTop website. Participation period is from 17 January to 12 February.

CEO Eunbyul Cho stated, “This promotion will be a great opportunity for many overseas companies to experience the convenience of BabelTop and the high translation quality”, and “This intends to allow more companies to experience the translation services of BabelTop represented by 98% customer satisfaction and 44% monthly re-purchasing rate.”