Classting to provide ‘mobile newsletters’ to all schools for free


Classting said that it will provide a free ‘Classting newsletter’ service to all schools nationwide, which will enable easy processing such as the distribution, reply and collection of school newsletters online.
The service is expected to reduce the additional workload of teachers and risks of personal information leakage as well as save school supplies such as paper and ink.

Through the service, the teacher can upload the approved paper newsletter as a PDF file, assign and digitalize the selective or descriptive response field with a couple of clicks. Once the teacher assigns the contact information of a student or parent and distributes the newsletters, the Classting app notification will be automatically sent out. KakaoTalk or text messages will be sent out for free to those who haven’t installed the app.

Parents can also check and reply to the newsletters online. Teachers will be provided in real-time with a visualized statistical data about the response status and results. Classting newsletters is one of the functions of the Classting school dashboard which streamlines and automates overall school and classroom management, and Classting plans to add more services.

“Through the Classting newsletter service, advantages of a paperless environment such as increasing efficiency, reducing costs and protecting the environment can be achieved by cutting down on unnecessary paper usage at schools,” said Hyun-Koo Cho, CEO of Classting. “Classting will add diverse functions to help teachers focus more on developing future capabilities of students.”