On the day you were born, this is what the solar system looked like


SpaceTime Coordinates Color Art Prints provide a planetary poster that shows you what the solar system looked like on the day that you were born. If you give any special date such as your birthday or anniversary, the Color Art Prints create a colorful snapshot of the solar system on that day.
The Color Art Prints visualize planetary positions with great precision backed by scientific data. Their portrait of the solar system has great credibility by using data that NASA utilizes for calculating orbital paths or estimating eclipses. It is not just a combination of art and science. Its original design won the 2016 Golden A’ Design Award.

A new version adds the feature of the Moon which was missed in the previous versions. Also it selects accurate colors that precisely depict the quality of each planet. The poster comes in three colors: white, black, and navy.

The poster beautifully describes the orbit of each planet with exact planetary positions using NASA algorithms. This project once raised fund on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. For more information, click here.