Done in 3 seconds? Smart toothbrush that has never seen before


Unico smartbrush is an innovative product that finishes toothbrushing in only 3 seconds simply by placing it in the mouth. This is possible because it takes the design of a mouthpiece that no product has ever taken before.
The smartbrush operates very simple. First, insert Unico toothpaste into a slot on the power unit, where a user touches to pick it up. Second, put it into mouth, double-tap the power unit and wait 3 seconds. Rinse the mouth, and then it’s all done!

As mentioned above, this product takes the design of a mouthpiece, which allows brushing every tooth all at once. Only the right amount of Unico product-only toothpaste is injected, so it prevents overuse. In addition, the Unico Dock & UV Station sterilizes the mouth unit all the time, so that the brushes can be kept clean.
Users can easily set their own toothbrushing with the Unico app after downloading it on their smartphones. They can receive support and purchase accessories from Unico website. In addition, the Unico smartbrush takes less time to brush, so it lasts longer than a hand-held toothbrush. Initial cost may be a little high, but its mouthpiece brushes are inexpensive. Over the long haul, UnicoTM can be an economical option. The smartbrush comes in three colors – black, white, and grey.

The Unico smartbrush raised fund on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website. For more information about Unico, click here.