Fast Five provides “Customized space to companies with 50 or more people”


Fast Five revealed that is launching company custom office, a customized working space solution for medium-sized startups and SMEs of 50-200 people.

The company custom office maintains the usage of convenient service and community of sharing office, while allowing for the realization of working space that protects the company’s brand identity. The firm can make an efficient working layout by reflecting the customer’s request and thereby reduce the office cost per person. The public space such as lounge and meeting room has its design first proposed by the designer and the detailed and individual space is constructed through discussions with the company concerned. 

Through this service, Fast Five is expecting to fulfill the request of the medium-sized startups with 50 or more people and that the enterprise demand will increase. Kim Dae-Il, CEO of Fast Five revealed that “the existing sharing office had many spaces for 50 or less people, thus staff from large companies had to work separately. We will continue to diversify the customer customized service by providing working environment and service so that all types of customers can solely concentrate on their work.” 

The custom office service starts from the Seoul Forest store and Gangnam Station No.4 store that is set to open this year on May and July. Meanwhile, in line with the service launch, Fast Five is conducting a promotion event that customizes Signage production, layout, interior, network option. They are provided without additional charge to the companies with 50 or more people, who register until February 28th.