FASTFIVE Studio “If Contents Creating Space is needed…”


FASTFIVE announced on February 21 that it would open ‘FASTFIVE studio for creators’ for their membership companies.

The studio is for the companies to take product pictures and to create video contents, which is equipped with lights and background walls to facilitate shooting photos of products and portraits. Besides, it offers rental services of filming equipment such as camera and soundproof horizon.

Also, FASTFIVE is planning to present ‘Creator Collaboration Program’ for the members who work for creative business field. Through this program, it is planning to provide video contents creators with workspace in cheaper price and studio for free.

“As more and more companies in the field of media, entertainment, e-commerce are getting into FASTFIVE, the customer needs for studios to take films or pictures are getting stronger, and we would continuously build up the best quality of workspace and substantial services to support the members to work comfortably, and would create our own value by providing differenciated services.” Dae-il Kim, CEO of FASTFIVE, said.

People can use FASTFIVE studio for free or in discounted price at the branch Gangnam 3. 

On the other hand, FASTFIVE keeps expanding a variety of additional services to provide better workspaces where the workers can concentrate fully on their works. Last January, it offered a commuting bus service as a trial for the first time as a shared-office service, and it will be in full service from this march.