Flitto partners with Techcode to help Korean startups approach China


Translation platform Flitto has announced a partnership with Techcode, a Chinese company with a global network of startup incubators and entrepreneur ecosystems.

Founded in China in 2014, Techcode is a network of incubators which offers support to early stage startups around the world through mentoring, financing and consulting. The organization has 20 branches in six countries, including Seoul. A business center based in Gangnam was opened in 2015 and currently incubates 30 startups.

“Launched as a startup in 2012, Flitto has grown to become the only integrated translation platform in Korea. It’s a new feeling to take on the role of helping fellow Korean startups advance in the global market,” says Simon Lee, the founder and CEO of Flitto.

“We’ll actively support these companies using our specialized translators so that they can successfully establish themselves in the Chinese market. We also look forward to creating more opportunities to develop together.”

Flitto continues to push ahead with its service, despite the increasing popularity of automatic translation platforms such as Google Translate and Papago. While these tools are useful in situations like reading basic information or when travelling, they can still be unreliable when it comes to translating certain phrases, or larger amounts of content. Flitto, on the other hand, offers accurate translations from native speakers at a small cost, or no cost at all for translations shorter than 200 characters.

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