Food You Tasted, Now Keep it Like a Journal!


Loplat has launched a mobile app service called “Ma’at Pick” to record and share food videos.

Ma’at Pick allows users to record a three-second food video, write a short review and share it. The UX of the app offering a service to keep a food journal rather than writing a review of a famous restaurant is a distinctive characteristic that differentiates the app from other services.  

Ma’at Pick has accumulated 15 thousand users for a six month period during beta testing and secured 15 thousand reviewing contents.  Kim Na-yul, Executive Directer of Loplat, said, “During the testing period,  the app’s daily content generation rate reached over 30 percent.” She added, “Through the recent official update, the improved input field for the location information where users tasted food will facilitate user-generated contents, enhancing the mobile app UX.”

Loplat is planning to diversify location-based services recommending nearby restaurants, providing information about new restaurants, and sharing the situation in a restaurant in real time. Ma’at Pick can be downloaded from Google Play.