Hashed Labs look for ‘Blockchain Game Project’


On February 12th, Hashed revealed its intention to find blockchain-based game projects.

Hashed Labs, operated by Hashed, is an acceleration program assisting the planning, developing and publishing of blockchain-based decentralized applications. It’s first acceleration program targets teams that develop blockchian-based game.  

Any team of 2 or more people on its early stage of planning and creating blockchain and crypto-asset based gaming application can apply for the project. Candidates with experience in game or blockchain development will be preferred. 

The Winner project will get multi-layered support including early stage funding from the blockchain accelerator. Additionally, training sessions on the planning and designing of blockchain application, free co-working space, marketing strategy and publishing, and legal advice service will be provided. For this, the acceleration program will offer group lecture dedicated to blockchain-based game and one-on-one mentoring session by bringing together encryption, random number generation(RNG), security, APP publishing and marketing, and legal experts.

Hashed lounge will hold a seminar on “Blcokchain game, market status and Hashed labs program” on February 21st, and present its specific road map to acceleration program for potential applicants and game industry people. In the seminar, game and block chain experts will be introduced as the advisory group to offer practical support for developing blockchain-based game, and share things to consider for creating a game that leverages block chain technology by inviting the relevant project team. 

“2019 will be the first year for the general public who have less knowledge in  technology to experience blockchain in their daily lives with the help of the widespread penetration of blockchain-based applications. Hashed labs want to discover competitive game project teams that will leverage the feature of blockchain technology by applying business logic into open database to address issues with traditional game industry or suggest creative paradigm.” Seojoon Kim, the CEO of Hashed explained. 

Hashed Labs will accept applications for the program on its website by March, 4th, 2019.