Hyper Connect “achieves 100 billion in accumulated sales within the year” 


Hyper Connect revealed on the 12th that it achieved 100 billion in accumulated sales within the year based on the internal performance aggregate. It is a 60% increase from the 62.4 billion sales of 2017.

This performance has significance in that it achieved 10 billion in scales as the domestic b-game mobile start-up in the mobile application market biased towards games. Hyper Connect, which has developed business focusing on the foreign market from the beginning of its foundation in 2014, has gained 90% of its sale from abroad and on the 7th, it was recognized for its services to export by being awarded with the ‘$ 20 million export tower’.
Azar is the main service that has led the sales increase of Hyper Connect. Azar, which is serviced in 19 languages around 230 countries, has recorded 2 trillion downloads and has cemented itself as a global image communication application. It even ranked 7th in the Google Play worldwide b-game application sales ranking released by Sensor Tower, a mobile market investigation company in the second quarter of 2018.  Sensor Tower analyzed that the newly introduced subscription model in Azar and optimized marketing tailored to each country contributed to the performance and allowed the growth in sales.
Hyper Connect will use 2019 as the year of a new leap. It seeks to expand product portfolio based on technology accumulated in the video communication and mobile deep learning area and continue rapid growth by excavating new markets through the foreign bases established in India, Singapore, UAE, Japan, and Turkey.
Ahn Sang-Il, CEO of Hyper Connect, said that ‘Hyper Connect has achieved massive results in both the business and technology area by achieving the best yearly sales and expanding technology portfolio’ and that ‘based on the this, we will continue a bigger and more meaningful challenge in the global market in 2019.’