Childcare and education service Jaranda matches university students with children


Jaranda, a service that combines childcare and education has received an investment (amount undisclosed) from an ROA Invention Lab fund and VentureSquare joint fund.

The service, which is aimed at children aged 3-13 years old, has been gaining a lot of interest from parents for its range of activities and educational benefits. University students from various majors such as education, humanities and natural sciences act as teachers while caring for students. The company’s so-called “Jaranda teachers” visit homes directly and help kids with subjects related to their major, boosting intellectual and emotional growth.

Jaranda sees itself as an education ‘concierge’ service and is the first business in the industry to use a data-based approach to recommending private teachers, as well as managing schedules and activities. Jaranda teachers are chosen through interviews and are trained using a special program. Following this, they are then matched up with students based on their personality and specialist subjects. Parents are given detailed feedback on their child’s progress and activities.


Having all the teacher data indexed makes the whole process of matching, scheduling and providing feedback efficient and easy. Jaranda says that parents of students in the program are also able to give feedback and have been pleased with the matching process and activities so far.

“As desired activities for each family are different depending on the child’s age and personality, from a parent’s point of view no matter how many teachers there are out there, they want to find a teacher that matches well with their child,” says Jaranda CEO Jang Seo-jeong. “Moreover, when babysitting switches to education as the child gets older, they need to be able to spend high-quality time without any hiccups which is achieved by looking closely at the teacher’s capability and personality, rather than just a basic profile.”

Jaranda first began its service in April this year and currently has 1030 teachers, which together have accumulated a total of 15,000 hours of care time since then. Following the latest investment, the startup plans to focus on systematizing its recommendations and data, with the goal of growing into a high quality education service that gives parents peace of mind when putting their children in Jaranda teachers’ care.