Kiwontech signs MOU with Japan and Vietnam firms for hacking protection device


Solutions startup Kiwontech has signed an MOU with Japanese IT companies Taiyo and i-Service, as it gears up to launch its security solution –SCM Guard – in Japan this week.

Taiyo is a subsidiary of the global IT group NTT, while i-Service is a well-known IT solutions company which has been in the industry for over 10 years. Service gained from the MOU is estimated to be worth USD $200,000.

SCM Guard was developed in-house by Kiwontech and is an email security solution that provides effective protection against social engineering hacking. In addition to effective defense from APTs (advanced persistent threats), the platform also provides an easily customizable email service. Emails with potentially harmful elements are blocked before they can reach inboxes through the product’s firewall.

“SCM GUARD is capable of analyzing and screening various types of email-based threats with which existing email firewall services are unable to cope,” says Kim Dong-cheol, CEO of Kiwontech. “It also enables the preliminary detection of emails with unusual characteristics (e.g. APT attacks, spear phishing). We believe that our product’s ability to preemptively and intelligently screen malicious emails that appear to be sent from real email addresses will be particularly well received in Japan.”

The company has already signed an MOU with Vietnamese company VNetwork last month to launch a localized version of SCM Guard. Kiwontech also plans to further expand its service in South East Asia from June, and become a cutting-edge international security platform within the next three years.