Online learning platform Knowlounge to promote flipped learning


The days of students simply listening to teachers talking has gone. Now that students can communicate with their teachers via smart devices, the quality of classes is rising and student concentration levels are improving.

Edutech company Klounge operates a collaborative platform for learning called Knowlounge. Over 100,000 teachers and students from 11 different regions have used Knowlounge to help communicate with others and study together in real time.


Users can log into Knowlounge via Gmail or Facebook. After signing up, teachers can create their own classes and invite students to take part. Each class has its own number, and anyone can join from the website without needing to download a separate app. Signing in via social media isn’t necessary either, with an option to access classes as a guest.

Once the class starts, you are presented with a whiteboard, and teachers can carry out their class by sharing images, PDFs and videos directly to the board. Because a variety of different content can be imported, it makes it possible to explain things more effectively. By using both the whiteboard and video conferencing, students can also continue to view the teacher in real time.

Drawing tools can be used to write on the board, as well as create shapes and add memos. With quiz features, teachers can collect student opinions in real time and check if students have understood the class. Text chatting is also possible during classes.

The great thing about Knowlounge is that you can connect to classes from anywhere, as long as you’re online. The platform can be accessed from smart devices and PCs, and be used to carry out large scale seminars, and remote clases for academies or those living in remote areas. With webcam capability, students can experience learning face-to-face, regardless of distance.

Klounge has also released Know Recorder, an app for creating video lessons. Completed videos can be shared directly to YouTube or Facebook. Last year the company was also selected as an official mission partner for the Flipped Learning Global Initiative(FLGI), an international organization that supports flipped learning. Flipped Learning is a student-focused learning method where students study beforehand and then discuss content with the teacher and other students in class. Klounge was selected as a partner of FLGI for the major role that Knowlounge and Know Recorder are expected to play in promoting flipped learning globally.

Fore more information check out Knowlounge.

Disclaimer: This article has been directly translated from Seungho Choo’s original post in Korean.