AI healthcare startup Lunit launches platform that analyzes medical imaging


Healthcare startup Lunit has announced its new real-time AI imaging analytics service named Lunit Insight.

Launched this week at the Radiological Society of North America 2017 in Chicago, Lunit Insight is an online software platform that analyzes radiography files using AI in real-time and provides results in a matter of seconds.

According to the company, the service can detect various conditions and illnesses such as cancer nodes, tuberculosis, pneumonia and pneumothorax with 98% accuracy. However, an image (even a good quality one) won’t suffice and to use the service you’ll need a copy of a chest xray DICOM file for the analysis to be able to work.


Lunit is also preparing a mammograph solution to help detect the early stages of breast cancer and expects to launch the new service early next year.

In a joint study between Lunit and Seoul National University Hospital in April, all 19 chest radiologists that took part claimed that using Lunit Insight helped them in diagnosing cancer nodes. General clinics saw the highest performance increase of 14% when making a diagnosis.

“It is Lunit’s vision to make leading software for the diagnosis and interpretation of medical data through deep learning technology,” says CEO Anthony Paek. “Through Lunit Insight, we intend to open a new era of medical imaging and treatment that will empower medical practitioners to make more efficient and accurate decisions for patients.”