Naver and Incheon Airport sign partnership agreement to provide useful airport data


Naver and the Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) have signed an MOU to utilize public data in ways that will improve the airport experience for travelers.

Last July Naver added a useful feature that lets travelers view how busy Incheon International Airport is at any given time. Information on crowds and waiting time for security in real-time means that people can plan their trips to the airport accordingly.

Following a positive response to the service, today Naver and the IIAC signed a formal partnership agreement to further the use of airport data in other helpful ways.

Incheon Airport

Planned future services include real-time airport parking space information across multiple areas, as well as transport information such as bus departure times. The new features will appear with key search word results so that users don’t have to go hunting for them.

“With the signing of this agreement, we look forward to providing comprehensive information to users who are travelling to Incheon Airport,” said Naver Search Leader Kim Kwang-Hyun. “We will continue to support Naver Search through collaboration with public institutions so that users can make use of reliable and quality public data in simple and diverse ways.”

Naver announced last year that it would be making moves to accommodate overseas visitors in preparation for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics next year. This includes plans to translate several of its services into English, with priority going to reservation services, as well mobile web and map platforms.