“Pinkfong improves children safety and health awareness”


SmartStudy revealed ‘Pinkfong strong health songs’ list.

The ‘Pinkfong strong health songs’ list is to increase children awareness on health against the season change, when children are more prone to get diseases. It is readily available in education centers including kindergartens, daycare centers, or places where there are many children, such as hospitals, clinics and public health agencies.

SmartStudy will reveal in November ‘Pinkfong Safety Special Forces’, a series of educational videos to prevent accidents such as car accidents, fires, and disasters, and to promote healthy habits for children. The company revealed on September 17 the first content, ‘Flu Prevention Song’ among the series. In addition, users can view ‘Pinkfong health songs list’, which consists of 15 songs, such as healthy habits songs for health and safety as well as existing famous songs, such as the famous shark family songs, on the Pinkfong YouTube channel.

Seungkyu Lee, Head of Business Development at SmartStudy, said “before the complete release of ‘Pinkfong Safety Special Forces’ videos, SmartStudy announced the ‘Pinkfong strong health songs list’ that includes the Pinkfong flu prevention song so that children can protect themselves against the weather change,” adding the company develops educational contents on safe living with easy lyrics so that children will not feel difficult.