“Relay Demo Day, First of Its Kind”


The Global Startup Conference kicks off on Nov 23, offering a festive venue where startups, potential entrepreneurs, investors and general visitors can get together. Startups will pitch their ideas while accelerators put an end to their one-year accelerating programs.

The GSC is hosted by Venture Square twice a year in the spring and the fall. It is the biggest Korean private investment entrepreneurship conference. Since 2013, the GSC has shared information on domestic entrepreneurial support and IT trends. It also offers opportunities for domestic startups to make a pitch to potential investors and the public.

In the spring, the event focuses on domestic startups that want access to international markets. Participants can get information on various programs offered by government-related agencies, startup supporting groups, and accelerating centers. Senior professionals join the festival as well to share their insight. The “GSC 2017: Spring” was held under the theme “Ready to Action,” providing various global expansion programs for startups. Booth exhibitions and Startup Showcases were prepared to help startups demonstrate their concepts as well.

In the Fall, the conference wraps up with trends of the year. The “GSC 2016: Fall” had a conference and a Demo Day event under the theme of “Web 2.0 and next 10 years of ICT.” Fifty-nine startups, participating in acceleration programs offered by eight major startup boosters, made their pitch on Demo Day. The winners from each booster went on to compete at “Launch Cup Final 2016.”

GSC’s 9th event, the “GSC 2017: Fall,” will hold a Relay Demo Day event this time. The Relay Demo Day will be open on Nov. 23, Nov. 30, Dec. 1-2. Eighty startups fostered by nine startup boosters will make an open IR pitch before the public.

The Relay starts in Pangyo on Nov 23. Gyeonggi Cultural Creative Hub (G-Hub), Korea Culture Information Service Agency, Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (GCCEI), Jeju Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (JCCEI), Korea Credit Guarantee Fund and Venture Square will all attend the event.

The G-Hub group will start the event. Eight passionate teams under their program including Bukio, Kitten Planet, FITT, EV Care, Seesaw Talk, Sound UX, ActionCraft, InfLab will make a pitch to investors and visitors. The Korea Culture Information Service Agency will take the stage next, presenting products and services utilizing public records and cultural data. The six teams from the agency pitching at the Demo Day are Connectors, Sorosi, Yea Studio, Playkok, Busking TV, and Juice.

In the afternoon, teams from GCCEI and JCCEI will make a pitch. GCCEI will have eight teams (TheCommerce, StylePill, EC3, Chowis Company, Textory, TOUN28, Tobecon, Field Solution) pitch their ideas, while J-CCEI will present five teams (BuskingDB, Lee&Company, NBlissComz, ISLAND, and Otdeal). GCCEI and JCCEI have programs that match their teams and accelerators.

“At the end of the day, ten teams fostered under the program called Start-up NEST will appeal to investors and visitors. Start-up NEST is a joint program offered by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund and Venture Square. The ten teams include Freewind, Nexsys, UFIRST, Haye, Channy Garden, Tagby Company, BAREUN, Olive Union, Team Steer, and Assistors.

The Demo Day will continue at the “Startup Festival 2017” from Nov 30. Venture Square’s Nomad, Loa Invention Lab’s Nest, and Bingbang Angels Unicorn Finder’s startups will make pitches. “Launch Cup Final 2017” by Rehoboth Business Incubator will follow as well. All things considered, it is surely a big festival for all startups and their boosters who must have spent many busy days throughout the year. The show begins on Nov 23!