SK Telecom True Innovation to Held AI&NUGU Meet-up Successfully


SK Telecom’s True Innovation said it successfully held the AI&NUGU Matching event on March 19 at TIPS Hall in Yeoksam-dong.

Based on the theme ‘Figuring out AI, the power to enlightened the world’, the meet-up covered discussion about AI technology trends, current status and future forecast. More than 200 people attended the event, including academic officials and startups in the artificial intelligence field to confirm their keen interest in the artificial intelligence industry.

Prof. Ji-Hoon Jeong from Kyung Hee Cyber University gave an opening speech with the topic of ‘AI technology trends and Issue’. Yoon-Ho Shin, the cell leader of the SKT AI Business unit introduced the current status of SK Telecom’s NUGU business and the NUGU Play development contest that will take place in the first half of 2019.

AI startup’s keynote followed. Won-Gyu Cho, CEO of the Skelter Labs gave a lecture titled ‘The era of interactive artificial intelligence that develops corporate business’, discussing startup’s future developments. Jae-Hwa Chang, the developer of Voyagerx session was ‘The future of video editing to be changed by AI’, explaining the expected changes that come with the introduction of AI into an area that has not changed for a long time.

Panel discussion about ‘Who needs AI and how much they need it?’ was also prepared, hosted by Seung-Eun Myung, the CEO of Venturesquare, and Prof. Ji-Hoon Jeong from Kyung Hee Cyber University, Won-Gyu Cho, CEO of the Skelter Labs and Jae-Hwa Chang, the developer of Voyagerx as the panels.

Meanwhile, True Innovation provides startup support, incubation program and external partner collaboration program. It was introduced by SK Telecom’s Open Collabo Center in February 2018 for active collaboration with startups. True Innovation has been holding a monthly meet-up event for various innovative sectors such as AI, mobility, security and media, while enhancing corporate business expansion and innovation and establishing a culture of openness, sharing and cooperation.