SK Telecom True Innovation to host ‘Smart Tour’ Meet-up


True Innovation Smart Tour Meet-up, hosted by SK Telecom (CEO: Park Jung Ho) True Innovation and sponsored by VentureSquare (CEO: Myung Seung Eun) will be held on 20th of June, at the Maru 180 Event Hall in Yeoksam-dong.

The Meet-up for this month will also be arranged as a briefing session for the Smart Tourism App Development Contest co-hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization and SK Telecom True Innovation.
Meanwhile, SK Telecom’s open platform “T-Map and Location-Based API” will be introduced as well. Under the theme of “the story of people who started their own business because they liked to travel”,the keynotes will be given by travel writer Son Mina and other start-up teams. Son Mina Travel Writer, Triple’s circle manager Sung Yunmo and Yanolja’s CEO of online business strategy division Kim Jongyun will attend as speakers to share their insights about “AI, Big Data-based personalized smart Tourism” with the audience.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom’s True Innovation Meet-up has been offering monthly keynote sessions on ICT innovation for startups, prospective entrepreneurs and college students since 2018, inviting experts from industries that fit each topic to share their in-depth insights.

True Innovation Meetup is a public event that is open to anyone and can participate through advance online reservation and on-site applications on the day. An advance booking can be made through the True Innovation website (