Spark Labs Group to nurture startups for university students in the U.S.


Spark Labs Group announced on the 11th that the group has launched Spark Labs Frontier-ASU, an accelerator program, in collaboration with Arizona State University.

Spark Labs Group is an accelerator/venture capital fund network that operates in Korea, United States, China, and other countries. Spark Labs Frontier-ASU is planning to provide mentoring services and investment to students and graduates of Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, W.P. Carey School of Business, Thunderbird Business School and other schools under Arizona State University.

Spark Labs Frontier-ASU will focus on free accelerators for about 4 months. During that period, participants will go through preparation phase of Spark Labs Frontier-ASU accelerator program by developing startup ideas and gathering partner entrepreneurs. Training and seminar of free-accelerator program will be mainly focused on topics relevant to startups such as team building, business ethics, attraction of startup investment, and others.

The program will be open for application from the 13th of May and begin in July. The program will be run by ASU Entrepreneurship+Innovation Group and participants will be able to use services and resource hubs provided to students, faculty members, staffs, graduates of Arizona State University and the community of Pheonix city.

The program will be run under coordination with Global Scaling Academy and other education partners. Committee members include a group of experts such as the writer of Steve Johnson, Grammy winning artist MC Hammer, California State University System chancellor emeritus Barry Munitz. Serial entrepreneur Chris Ye and the founder of Genomics Lab Jimmy Lynn joined the project as Spark Labs Frontier-ASU Venture Partners.

Micheal Crow, the president of Arizona State University, state that “‘the nature of entrepreneur’ to ASU strengthens partnership and alliance while fostering ideas, technologies and invention with influence and meaning. He added that “the partnership with Spark Labs Group will further develop entrepreneurship through innovation and prosper not only within the state of Arizona but in the other sides of the world.”