SparkLabs, Hosting ‘Demo Day 12’ on 12 December


A global accelerator SparkLabs is going to host Demo Day 12 on 12 December at Coex Auditorium in Samsung-dong.

The panel session will look into the current state and future of self-driving cars with the theme of “The Future of Mobility”. Anantha Kancherla, technical executive director of Lyft, an on-demand transportation company based in the United States, Brody Huval, co-founder of, and Dinesh C, chief creative officer of CarVi, a startup that develops artificial intelligence systems for safe driving, will participate in the panel session as speakers.
Moreover, John Penotti, producer of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ that won the box office for the third weekend in a row in North America, will give a presentation on the importance and influence of Asian content in the entertainment industry with the theme of “Asian and Asian-American Content in Hollywood”.

Kim Yujin, co-founder of SparkLabs, mentioned, “More than 65% of startups that completed SparkLabs accelerating programs have attracted follow-up investments and achieved remarkable results in international markets.” She added, “SparkLabs Demo Day has established itself as the largest startup demo day in the world in terms of the number of participants. We will do our best to prepare the upcoming demo day so that it can be a festival for tech fans all around the world as well as a debut stage for portfolio companies to enter into international markets.”

SparkLabs Demo Day 12 is a free event for everyone. You can apply to participate on the SparkLabs Demo Day website.

Meanwhile, SparkLabs is currently recruiting participating companies for its 13th program. The program will be held for three months, twice a year, which will offer customized mentoring of around 130 SparkLabs mentoring groups consisting of entrepreneurs and investors who are actively engaged in diverse fields in many countries around the world. Participating countries will also receive an initial investment of 50,000 USD as well as privileges of various infrastructure for startups including office space at Maru 180 Startup Support Center in Asan Nanum Foundation and free hosting services. A number of startups including Mimi Box, Wanted Lab, BLOCKO, and Genoplan have completed SparkLabs programs and they have been achieving great results in international markets.