Teheran-ro Coffee Club Meets for 100 Times


The Startup Alliance said that the Teheran-ro Coffee Club, a morning networking gathering held on every other Wednesday, had its 100th get-together on Oct. 31, 2018.

As of now, around 180 start-ups, 194 speakers and 4,300 attendees have participated in the Teheran-ro Coffee Club. At every gathering, according to a certain theme, two start-ups deliver 15-minute-long presentations on their start-up experiences such as market issues, solutions and lessons learned throughout the process. Unlike ordinary IRs and introduction of the services, companies are allowed to show their philosophies in a short period of time.

At the 100th Coffee Club under the theme ‘Event Organizers,’ Senior Manager Nari Shin of Startup Alliance presented results of the events hosted so far, and CEO Jung-min Oh of Linder and CEO Young-hak Ahn of Eventus shared their entrepreneurial stories.

Senior Manager Nari Shin said, “Startup Alliance has planned every Teheran-ro Coffee Club with different themes and introduced startup companies,” and added, “Going forward, I expect the Coffee Club to be a field of opportunity for the existing businesses who want to cooperate with start-ups, not to mention a start-up ecosystem.