‘Underwomen’,Start-up Education for 3040 Women


Underdogs said that it would be running the “Underwomen” program at Seoul Innovation Park’s Project Path for two days on September 8 and 9.

This event is a start-up education program for women and focuses on allowing participants to identify their own start-up product by utilizing Underdogs’expert know-how. The program uses a seven-step methodology for creating business solutions, and differentiates itself by setting the discovery of socio-economic functions as its core goal. In addition to helping participants explore their own start-up ideas, the program arranges a time for networking and having conversations with women entrepreneurs. It also includes a practical session on business plan writing.

Underwomen offers benefits like team building
solutions assistance, professional coaching, 1:1 coaching and the provision of a co-working space. Even after the course finishes, participants have the opportunity to first join a start-up education course,receive three further sessions of 1:1 mentoring, as well as assistance related to investment and support agencies when starting a business.

Hojeong Kim, the director of Underdogs, said, “Worrying by yourself is likely to end in anxiety, but worrying together has the power to create solutions,” further adding “We designed the course to harness the power of 3040 women’s worries and transform their questions and concerns into their biggest potential.”

Applications for the Underwomen program are accepted
until August 27. More information can be found on the website.