Venture Square and LG CNS join hands together to “Help startups pioneer markets.”


A special media platform, conglomerate and startup are partnering to expand markets for products of startup companies. Medial platform for startups Venture Square, LG CNS and intermediary platform CastingN that connects companies for subcontractor outsourcing are the companies that created a partnership and started a closed online shopping mall for startups called Venture Square Mall(

Venture Square Mall will serve as a market pioneer for startups and an online shopping platform for employees whose companies do not have employee-only shopping space online. When a startup company submit an application to sell its product on the platform, Venture Square and CastingN hold the ‘SMEs Win-Win Mall’ session to review the application, and provide it with a tool to expand markets so that it can sell its products via online shopping mall for LG employee called LG Nara and online platforms where businesses can buy products. Any qualified startup can file an application via Venture Square Mall to grab an opportunity to sell its product on LG Nara and B2B online shopping malls.

In addition, employees of the startup can enjoy price benefits on Venture Square Mall when they open an account just as employees of conglomerate do on their company’s online shopping server for the employees. Venture Square Mall provides goods and services from electronics such as laptop computers and PC monitors to about 10,000 office supplies such as multipurpose copy paper and coffee to outsourcing services including advertisement, IT, HR, and general affairs at discounted prices. In a nutshell, it is a closed B2B online shopping mall that have solutions for the business operation at one place for startups.

From Nov. 28 when it starts the service, Venture Square Mall will be holding a grand opening promotional event until Dec. 30. During the event, it offers special prices on LG electronics’ Gram laptops and home appliances and a discount coupon with which customers get an extra 7% discount on the items.