VentureSquare signs MOU to launch New York office


VentureSquare has announced that it will begin bringing US startup news to Korean audiences via a correspondent based in New York, and will also help startups gain a foothold in the US market.

Last Friday, startup accelerator VentureSquare signed an MOU with Victoria Productions, which operates a coworking space in New York. VentureSquare says that it will now be able provide a bridge to the US market for startups that are part of its accelerator program. As part of the partnership, VentureSquare will also launch a US branch of its news website.

Since 2010 VentureSquare has acted as a startup hub, connecting entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to investors and government organizations. Atsquare is VentureSquare’s media subsidiary, publishing news, interviews and opinion pieces about startups and entrepreneurship in Korea. In addition to this, VentureSquare World publishes startup and tech news from Korea in English. Atsquare will be responsible for the New York media branch.

VentureSquare New York

VentureSquare will be based at New York Business Center in Victoria Production’s Manhattan office. This location will also be used to help host Korean startups hoping to break into the US market. The center will be led by Kim Cheol-beom who previously developed global talent programs at the KPIPA (Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea), while VentureSquare’s correspondant has been named as Choi Jae-ha, CEO of school-entrance consulting firm West Education.

“This partnership is the result of several years of both parties’ interest in breaking away from quantitative growth and promoting qualitative growth,” says VentureSquare CEO Myung Seungeun. “I hope that this will be the first step to actively helping Korean startups with proven technology and plans to go global enter the US.”