Yanolja and GPM bring VR systems to hotel rooms


Usually a holiday is an escape from reality, but Yanolja’s latest partnership will let you get away from it all….while you’re getting away from it all. The accommodation company has joined forces with game developer GPM to bring its Monster VR platform to hotels and motels.

It will mean the opportunity for hotel guests to try out virtual reality using GPM’s Monster VR Kit. The new partnership should prove an effective way to share its technology with travelers all over the country by placing devices in hotels listed on Yanolja, Korea’s largest accommodation website.

32,000 of GPM’s new Monster VR kits, which include various games and content, will be distributed across Yanolja-affiliated hotels. The system features a multimedia kiosk rather than a computer, making it easy to use for anyone. There are also plans to expand the project further to other unaffiliated locations.

The partnership is one of many ways that GPM is trying to make VR technology more accessible to the public. Last week, the developer announced it signed an agreement with Mediaweb to put VR devices in 9500 ‘PC rooms’ around Korea, and it has also been promoting its “VR Cube” which can be seen in the video below. The cube offers an arcade-type VR experience, with a 150 inch projector screen which lets friends view what the player wearing the HMD (head mounted display) is seeing.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide Monster VR all over the country through the partnership with Yanolja, an industry leader which is bringing a new paradigm to the hospitality industry.” said CEO of GPM, Seongjun Park.